About Us

Melville Almond Stratten Grey Foundation

The MASG Foundation was formed due to the death of the CEO’s brother Melville Almond Stratten Grey who committed suicide two days before his 45th birthday in 2013. Following a discussion with him just before he died, the CEO recognised that she lacked awareness of where to obtain help or who to refer him to.

Following Melville’s death the CEO decided that there was need for change in order to help Black African and Caribbean suffering from mental health in addition to their families and carers.

Men in particular need help dealing with their emotions and the feeling of being a burden on their loved ones, which of course they are not. It was also discovered that men, particularly those from the ethnic minorities, do not generally talk about their problems and this needs addressing. It is not “house business” it is everyone’s business.

In the 50’s and 60’s communities were formed by the black community starting their lives in the UK and on the back of this you received help from your neighbour and/or friends. That community spirit seems to have diminished, now it’s time to bring it back.

Mission Statement

MASG have a remit to relieve the needs of BME (Black and minority ethnic) suffering from mental health issues in England. Providing them and their families with information, advice and guidance which in turn helps them access the appropriate support services needed. MASG want to reduce stigma associated to mental health by continuing to work with other associations undertaking similar work within African and Caribbean communities.

Our Vision

The aim of the Melville Almond Stratten Grey Foundation (“MASG Foundation”) is to see a world where BAME mental health suffers are not judged but listened to and dealt with in a kind and compassionate way. Where the African and Caribbean communities feel they can speak freely about their feelings and issues. As stated in the charity objectives MASG aim to develop a drop-in centre where service users and carers can network with each other.