Who is MASG?

Melville Almond Stratton Grey

Melville (Gary) was a special person, he meant something to each and every person he knew personally, he was a crutch for me and my sister and he looked out for us as his sisters. If I think about it hard enough he was always a little different but he was special. He wasn’t selfish, he looked out for everyone he knew and we loved him more for it. Melville Almond Stratton Grey, born at Walsall Manor Hospital on 7th September 1968. He has four children (all boys) and worked as a Manager for Ford in Redditch. He loved cars and would buy cars which were written off in road accidents and re-build them. He was a perfectionist. As a child he was known as “half pint” because he had such a small frame as a child. Even in his younger years you knew cars were going to be “his thing”. He would make garages for his toy cars out of shoe boxes and each car had their own parking space. He was always very particular about things and everything had to have its place. If he did not like what our mother was wearing she would have to change. If we as his sisters did not look decent when going out he would say something. He was always around my dad while he was fixing his car and absorbed all the knowledge about the engine and how it worked his brain was a sponge.

He was always around my dad while he was fixing his car and absorbed all the knowledge about the engine and how it worked his brain was a sponge. He retained information only having read it once. He never liked his name, he always wondered why our mother gave him such name and so Gary was born and that was the name used daily, I think he was in his thirties when his friends realized that Gary was just his pet name.

If we needed him, he was there, and I’m sure that he knew if he needed us we would be there for him too. He was such a geek, there were so many things Gary was good at. We only wished we had the brains that he had. Before he had even finished fixing the car he was rebuilding, they would be sold as everyone who knew him knew it was built to last.

There was only ever one make of car that Gary liked and that he obsessed about and that was the BMW – Silverstone, Rally, Formula One, you name it he was into it. He was also a member of MENSA. His intelligence was far reaching. He was a very loyal and kind friend. He was also very polite; he would go the extra mile for the people he loved. There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for someone he cared about and that was one of his many amazing qualities. The words I will remember Gary saying is “leave it with me” with whatever it was you asked him to do for you and he always did it. You always knew whatever you asked of him it was safe to leave it with him and it was as good as done. I am going to miss how his eyes and forehead would crinkle when he was thinking about a problem and trying to work it out in his head before he presented the final decision. We can’t really understand why he was taken away from us just before his 45th birthday, I thought about this for a long time after he died because I want to know why someone so intelligent and bright is no longer here with us, the only defect he had was his short sight, he even had near perfect teeth. Our brother was very special, kind, giving. I know we all have great memories of times he made us laugh, or helped us. I think these are the best things to remember about him.